IEC Continues, Expands Embayment Monitoring in Long Island Sound

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On May 16th 2019, IEC began its seasonal embayment monitoring in Long Island Sound. For the third consecutive year, IEC is performing monitoring in Little Neck Bay and Manhasset Bay in support of the Unified Water Study, which is funded and coordinated by Save the Sound/Connecticut Fund for the Environment. From May through October 2019, IEC will be performing monitoring and sampling in these priority embayments twice a month.

2019 Interstate Environmental Commission Meeting Schedule

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In our ongoing effort to increase transparency and better engage with the public, we recently created and added a meetings page to our website, where you can access the Interstate Environmental Commission 2019 meeting calendar and read approved minutes from prior meetings. All meetings are open to the public. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend a meeting.

New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program Releases 2017-2022 Action Agenda

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The New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program released its 2017-2022 Action Agenda. The Action Agenda identifies five long-term goals, 17 objectives, and 40 specific actions that will help enable people and wildlife to benefit from the fishable and swimmable waters called for by the Clean Water Act. The 2017 Action Agenda highlights the shared priorities of the NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP) and its partners, including IEC.

Discover New York City’s “Hidden” Waterways

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New York City truly is a “city of water.” A recent New York Times article highlights some of the unique creeks and tributaries that weave through the city and are sometimes ignored as places to recreate and protect. Learn about these lesser-known waterways—some may be right in your backyard!



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IEC continues pathogen monitoring partnership with Fresh Kills Park Alliance

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Since 2017, IEC has partnered with Fresh Kills Park Alliance to monitor pathogen levels along creeks within the former landfill. This effort is part of IEC’s Coordinated Volunteer Pathogen Monitoring program, supported by EPA.

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The Grades are in!

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Save the Sound recently released the 2017 “Long Island Sound Report Card.” The Long Island Sound Report Card is bi-annual assessment of open Long Island Sound water quality, focusing on five water quality parameters to assign grades to different regions of the Sound. With support from the Long Island Sound study, IEC has expanded its Long Island Sound monitoring year-round in the western and eastern Narrows, the most stressed portion of the Sound



Apply to be an IEC Intern!

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IEC is looking to fill the following two position:

  • Intern

Are you looking to help improve the tri-state's water quality with an impactful organization that offers competitive compensation including benefits for eligible employees?  If so, please view our Join Our Team page details the position details, our hiring process and other information.

2017 Long Island Sound Season Highlights

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Designated as an estuary of national significance by Congress in 1987, Long Island Sound is home to a diverse network of flora and fauna, and over 4 million people. It is an estuary of recreational, commercial, and socioeconomic value. The Sound is bordered by the states of Connecticut and New York and has a watershed area extending through Maine and Quebec that encompasses over 16,000 square miles and 9 million people. Over time, the Sound has been subject to the effects of increased nutrient loading as a result of urbanization and changes in land use (Latimer et al., 2014).