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October 26, 2000
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This pamphlet contains a collection of the laws under which the Interstate Environmental Commission functions. It includes an edited Tri-State Compact to show presently operative provisions, the Water Quality Regulations, and the supplemental statutes governing the Commission’s air pollution program.

A few of the provisions are summarized because their full texts contain much material which was important to the original organization of the Commission but is now obsolete.

Whereas, The tremendous growth of population and the development of the territory surrounding and adjacent to the harbor of New York has resulted in recent years in an increasingly serious pollution of the harbor, coastal and tidal waters in such area and the tributary waters therein;

Whereas, Such pollution constitutes a grave menace to the health, welfare and recreational facilities of the people living in such area and is occasioning great economic loss;

Whereas, The control of future pollution and the abatement of existing pollution in the waters in such area is of prime importance to the people living in such area and can best be accomplished through the cooperation of the States of New Jersey and New York and Connecticut by and through a joint or common agency