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Brett Dunkley
Environmental Analyst
Brett supports all IEC water quality projects including wastewater treatment plant and industrial facility inspections, western Long Island Sound monitoring, laboratory analyses and quality control practices. After graduating with a B.S. in Biology from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2016, Brett gained diverse experience including performing molecular testing in a diagnostic laboratory and working as an environmental technician monitoring and regulating gas and leachates at a landfill. Brett has also volunteered with the Rutgers Marine Field Station and Save Barnegat Bay, and has extensive boating and marina experience. Brett joined IEC in December 2018.
Jessica Bonamusa
Environmental Analyst
Jessica joined IEC in April 2016 as an environmental analyst. In this role, Jessica organizes and convenes IEC District workgroups on a variety of water quality topics. Jessica is regularly out in the field, inspecting facilities and working on ambient water quality monitoring projects, and assisting with regional education, outreach, and citizen science initiatives. Jessica holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management, with a concentration in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University.
Inna Golberg
Environmental Analyst
Inna’s primary duties include wet chemistry and microbiology analysis, preparation and standardization of solutions and reagents, maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments and equipment, and quality assurance and quality control. She conducts semi-annual internal laboratory and field audits according to ELAP standards and participates in semi-annual proficiency testing. Inna joined IEC in 2002. Inna holds a B.S. in Inorganic Chemistry from Kiev Polytechnic University, Ukraine.
Evelyn Powers
Executive Director
The Interstate Environmental Commission (IEC) named Evelyn Powers to the position of Executive Director in September 2017. Evelyn has been on the Commission staff for twenty years, originally joining the staff in 1998 as an Environmental Chemist. Evelyn has served as an Environmental Chemist, Senior Environmental Chemist, Associate Laboratory Director and Senior Manager. Evelyn oversees all aspects of the Commission’s day-to-day operations, including overseeing staff and coordinating IEC’s water quality activities with IEC’s member states, the EPA, regional and local partners. Evelyn prepares and submits applications, workplans, budgets and progress reports in support of grant-funded projects and pursues new sources of funding for projects. Evelyn serves as IEC’s Lead Technical Director, ensuring the Commission’s laboratory maintains accreditation in the National Environmental Laboratory Approval Program—through the NYSDOH Environmental Laboratory Approval Program and NJDEP’s Environmental Laboratory Certification Program—and also maintains the Commission laboratory’s status as an approved environmental laboratory with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Evelyn approves Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) on behalf of the Commission and ensures all environmental data collection activities performed by the Commission are performed in accordance with a QAPP approved by IEC, EPA and other organizations, as appropriate. Evelyn serves as point-of-contact for the IEC Chair, IEC Executive Committee, and Commissioners, coordinating quarterly Commission meetings and Executive Committee calls, as necessary. Evelyn also serves as IEC’s representative on the Management Committees of regional programs including the NY-NJ Harbor and Estuary Program, the Long Island Sound Study, the New Jersey Water Monitoring Council, and related committees and workgroups, as appropriate. Evelyn earned a B.A. in Biological Sciences from Wellesley College and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the College of Staten Island (City University of New York).